Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gayle's SBT13 List

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  1. Going Vintage (Lindsay Leavitt)
  2.  The Orchard (Krista Lynn Jensen)
  3. UnPleasant Grove (Sheralyn Pratt)
  4. Glimmer of Hope (Sarah M. Eden)
  5.  The Guy Next Door (Kate Palmer)
  6. Rapunzel Untangled (Cindy C. Bennett)
  7. Murder by the Way (Betsy Brannon Green)
  8. Proceed with Caution (Betsy Brannon Green)
  9. Lemon Tart (Josi S. Kilpack)
  10. Do Over (Shannon Guymon)
  11.  The Avery Shaw Experiment (Kelly Oram)
  12.  Mind Games (Kiersten White)
  13.  Pivot Point (Kasie West)
  14. Unlovable (Sherry Gammon)
  15.  A Blind Eye (Julie Daines) 
  16. A Way Back to You (Emily Gray Clawson)
  17. Replacing Gentry (Julie N. Ford)
  18. With a Kiss (Stephanie Fowers)
  19. Wednesdays at the Tower (Jessica Day George)
  20. Rescuing Rosalind (GG Vandagriff)
  21. The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson
  22. Working It Out by Rachael Renee Anderson
  23. Lydia  (Wanda Luce)
  24. Espionage (A.L. Sowards)
  25. The Kindling (Braden Bell)
  26. Esther the Queen (H.B. Moore)
  27. Athena (Heather B. Moore)
  28. My Fairy Grandmother (Aubrey Mace)
  29. Choosing Mr. Right (Jennifer Stewart Griffith)
  30. Princess of the Silver Woods (Jessica Day George)
  31. Having Hope (Terri Ferran)
  32. V is for Virgin (Kelly Oram)
  33. A Change of Plans (Donna Weaver)
  34. Sing to Me (Michelle Pennington)


  1. You've got some great ones on your list. I've read a few of them already. I really want to read Unpleasant Grove but it's not at my library yet. :(

  2. This is quite a list!
    Some really fun titles there!
    Did you not LOVE Pivot Point?
    It was SO GOOD!
    Looks like I will be reading some of the same titles as you this summer :)

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  3. It is quite a list! We'll see how much of it I can get through. I am a big reader, especially in the summer when I spend a lot of time doing things like waiting for swimming lessons or sitting in a car while driving to/from vacation. :-)

    Shauna, yes, I loved Pivot Point -- such a unique premise!

  4. I loved Mind Games and A Blind Eye!