Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rachel L's SBT14 Reading List

  1. Reforming Lord Ragsdale—Carla Kelly
  2. The Skeleton in my Closet Wears a Wedding Dress—Sally Johnson
  3. My Sweetheart—Shannon Guymon     
  4. Falling For You—Krista Lynne Jensen      
  5. Run For Your Life—Jean Holbrook Mathews      
  6. The Double Cross—Carla Kelly      
  7. Prejudice Meets Pride—Rachael Renee Anderson      
  8. Righting a Wrong-- Rachael Renee Anderson      
  9. Fourth of July—Cami Checketts      
  10. For Joey—Jaclyn Hawkes      
  11. The Fortune Café—Tangerine Street Romance      
  12. Daughter of Helaman—Misty Moncur     
  13. Ashes Ashes—Julie Coulter Bellon      
  14. Pocket Full of Posies—Julie Coulter Bellon      
  15. Hope at Dawn—Stacy Henrie      
  16. Unraveled—Julie Daines      
  17. Sage After Rain—Jaclyn Hawkes      
  18. Illuminations of the Heart—Joyce DiPastena      
  19. The Insider—Sian Ann Bessey      
  20. Timeless Romance Anthology: Spring Vacation Collection      
  21. Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letter Collection      
  22. Timeless Romance Anthology: Old West Collection      
  23. Chances Are—Traci Hunter Abramson      
  24. Lydia—Wanda Luce      
  25. Imperfect Love—Rebecca Talley      
  26. Arms Wide Open—Juli Caldwell      
  27. A Candlelight Courting—Joyce DiPastena      
  28. Lost Art—Jennifer Griffith


  1. That is one hefty list! Hope you get through them all. :)

  2. I probably won't get to them all, but I'm certainly going to try! If nothing else, it gives me a list of books to read the rest of the summer. :)