Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brook H Summer Book Trek Reading List

  1. A Timeless Romance Anthology: Annette Lyon Collection [Review | Amazon]
  2. With No Regrets by Julie Ford [Review | Amazon]
  3. Letters to My Future Husband by Lisa Mckendrick [Review | Amazon]
  4. Sense and Sensibility by Rebecca Jamison [Review | Amazon]
  5. For Love and Country by Elizabeth Michaels [Review | Amazon]
  6. Fifty Shades of Greystroke by Heather Horrocks [Review | Amazon]
  7. At Last by Shannon Guymon [Review | Amazon]
  8. Love Unexpected by Jacobson, Clark and Daines [Review | Amazon]
  9. Stick in the Mud Meets Spontaneity by Rachael Anderson [Review | Amazon]

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