Friday, July 1, 2016

Chelsea G. Summer Book Trek 2016 Reading List

  1. Desert Rain by Jean Holbrook Mathews 
  2. Mail Order Bride Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology) 
  3. California Dreamin Collection (A Timeless romance Anthology) 
  4. Summer House Party (Timeless regency Collection) 
  5. Royal Brides by Traci Hunter Abramson 
  6. Pride and Politics by Brittany Larsen 
  7. The Earls Betrothal by Karen Tuft 
  8. A Little in Love With You by Jenny Proctor 
  9. Love Notes by Jenny Proctor 
  10. Power of the Matchmaker by various authors 
  11. Chemistry Lessons by Rebecca Jameson 
  12. Bethany's New Reality by Rachel John

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